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Financing Your New Home

There are many common methods of financing the purchase of a property, including:

  • Cash
  • Cash to existing mortgage
  • Cash to a new conventional mortgage
  • Cash to a Vendor Take Back mortgage
  • Cash to a combination of a conventional mortgage and VTB (vendor or seller take back) mortgage
  • Cash to a Hi-Ratio mortgage


Whenever a mortgage is involved in the Financing Process, several steps are required:

  • Completion of the loan application by the lender (an application fee may apply)
  • The lender processes and reviews the application based on information provided by the borrower
  • The lending institution requires:
  1. An appraisal of the home
  2. A Credit Report on the borrower
  3. Verification of net worth (assets & liabilities) of the borrower
  4. Verification of down payment
  5. Verification of Income of the borrower
  • Once the loan is approved, a Mortgage Commitment is issued for the borrowers' signature
  • On closing, the lender disburses funds to the solicitors for disbursement
  • The loan documents will be registered on title by the solicitor

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