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How To Sell Your Home Fast

Steps to take when selling your home on the open market

Have A Strategic Marketing Plan

Under the Re/Max STRATEGIC MARKETING PLAN, a number of initiatives are taken to help Sellers effectively market their property in today's real estate market. They include:


  • Real Estate Comparative Market Analysis
  • Real Estate Advertising and Promotion
  • Real Estate Sales Representative Services
  • Real Estate Support Services


We believe that every home owner not only needs, but has a right to detailed, documented, statistical data about real estate transactions in their neighborhood in order to make informed decisions about the market value of their home or investment property. As part of our Comparative Market Analysis, we provide:


  • A complete list of real estate sales, on your street over the past three months to a year.
  • A complete list of similar homes that have sold in your neighborhood
  • A complete list of similar homes currently on the market in your neighborhood
  • A computer-generated Comparative Market Analysis showing, among other details, the average asking and selling price for similar homes in the neighborhood
  • A summary page, incorporating all of the data we have compiled for your consideration, in a concise and easily understood format
  • A recommended listing and sale price for your property


Our Advertising And Promotion package, professionally developed to ensure that your property is brought to the attention of as many potential purchasers as possible, includes:


  • A carefully written listing agreement, highlighting all of the important features of your home
  • The circulation of your listing to hundreds of real estate representatives through the Multiple Listing Service
  • Open houses for agents as well as for the general public
  • The distribution of high impact flyers promoting your home to other real estate firms and throughout the neighborhood
  • The placement of a "FOR SALE" sign on your property
  • Regular advertisements in the Capital News and the Kelowna Courier
  • DIRECT MAIL to a preferred client list of over 300 people, listing the outstanding features of your home
  • A copy of your listing, complete with photo, exposed to the World wide web on the Internet throughout Canada, the United States, and the World


Not everyone can work at RE/MAX Kelowna. In fact, only experienced, professional sales representatives with a high standard of good business ethics, have been invited to join this firm. As a result, the level of professional service provided by our sales representatives is second to none. Some of the services we provide include:


  • Objective analysis and professional advice on home prices in your area
  • Financial counseling
  • Prompt and courteous responses to all your inquiries
  • Pre-qualification of prospective purchasers
  • Regular progress reports on all sales related activities on your property
  • Regular progress reports on changing market conditions
  • Expert advice on drafting an Agreement of Purchase and Sale
  • Superior negotiating skills


Successful real estate representatives are busy people. Recognizing this fact, we provide RE/MAX Kelowna representatives with more personal and technical assistance than most other real estate firms in the city. Our Support Services include:


  • Sales support staff available to our representatives twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week
  • Monthly and quarterly real estate market trends and cycles reports to help keep you informed about changing market conditions
  • In-house computer systems to ensure business efficiency, up-to-date statistical data, and professional real estate transactions
  • In-house graphic design and packaging of promotional material
  • In-house professional copy writing to ensure effective and productive advertising


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