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Step By Step Buying Process

Buying A Home is the single most important investment you will make in your lifetime.


1. Contact Barry Gellner, Steve Kirk, Mike Kirk or your real estate representative.


2. Conduct an in-depth qualifying analysis to determine the price range of the property that would suit you, the buyer.


3. Review the features and amenities you desire in a home.


4. View the most desirable properties in your price range selected from our extensive inventory of available properties.


5. When you have selected the home you want to own, we prepare an Agreement of Purchase and Sale.


6. Your Realtor, on your behalf, engages in the process of negotiation with the Seller and his /her agent.


7. When the Agreement of Purchase and Sale is accepted by the Seller, we ensure that copies go to the Purchaser's and Seller's solicitors.


8. If a mortgage is required, we can assist in the mortgage application and mortgage approval process up to obtaining a mortgage commitment from the lending institution.


9. When the transaction becomes a binding agreement, the purchaser's solicitor searches title to determine:


- outstanding work orders issued by the municipality,
- an accurate description of the lawful use of the property ,
- restrictions as to the insurability of the property,
- encumbrances, liens, easements, restrictions, encroachments, or other claims registered on title (e.g. - undisclosed mortgages, rights-of-way, etc.).

10. Purchaser's solicitor makes requisitions to the Seller's solicitor within the pre-determined date set out in the Agreement of Purchase and Sale.


11. Purchaser's solicitor verifies financing commitment with the lending institution.


12. When all searches are satisfied the solicitors arrange with the lenders for the transfer of funds

13. Purchaser arranges insurance coverage from the date of closing.


14. Purchaser's solicitor contacts the utility companies and the tax department to determine amounts, if any, in arrears for closing adjustments.


15. Purchaser and Seller meet with their respective lawyers to review and sign closing documents (Mortgage, Deeds, Declarations, Undertakings, etc.).


16. Lawyers for both parties consult on the date of closing to exchange documents, funds and keys, and register all documents on title.


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